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Scenic Island Travel: Enjoy a seamless journey to and from Lundy Island with the expert guidance of the Incredible Lundy Diving Team, ensuring a comfortable and safe voyage.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Lundy as you get up close and personal with its playful seal inhabitants and, if luck permits, catch a glimpse of the charming puffins.

Glide through the crystal-clear waters of the no-take zone along Lundy’s breathtaking coastline, providing a unique perspective of the island’s marine wonders.

Enhance your swimming skills with a dedicated coaching session led by our qualified instructors. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced swimmer, personalised guidance ensures an enriching and rewarding experience.

Recharge and refuel with a scrumptious lunch provided as part of the package, ensuring you stay energised throughout the day.

Capture the magic of your Lundy Island Swim experience with a professionally edited video of the day, preserving the memories for years to come.

Take a leisurely stroll on Lundy Island itself, soaking in its natural beauty and unique charm.

Feel confident and motivated with the continuous support of two qualified coaches accompanying you throughout the day. From calming pre-swim nerves to providing valuable tips, our coaches are dedicated to making your experience exceptional.

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