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10% off any 1 to 1 coaching and Stroke Analysis

Welcome to the Swim Coaching Membership!

Our membership is designed to help swimmers of all levels achieve their goals in the open water. For just £35 a month, you’ll have unlimited access to a range of Sea Sessions, each worth £10 per session. These sessions include Front Crawl Drop Ins, Swim Training/Fitness, Sea Confidence Sessions, and Event Training. Our coaching team is passionate about helping swimmers build their technique, endurance, and confidence, and we provide a supportive environment where you can achieve your full potential.

As a member, you’ll also receive a free swim hat and 10% off any 1:1 sessions and Stroke Analysis. Our personalized feedback can help you improve your technique and reach your goals faster. Additionally, we offer a once-a-month Members Only distance swim, which is a great way to challenge yourself and track your progress.

At Coastal Swim Coaching, we believe that swimming is not just a way to stay fit, but also an opportunity to connect with others and enjoy the beauty of the ocean. Our coaching team is dedicated to providing a welcoming environment where members can learn, grow, and thrive.

Join our community today and start making progress towards your swimming goals. With unlimited access to our Sea Sessions and personalized feedback from your sessions, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Don’t wait, sign up for our Coastal Swim Coaching Membership today!

Coastal Swim Coaching

£35 / month

  • 10% off 1-1 Coaching
  • 10% off Stroke analysis

  • Free Swim hat

  • Access to free sessions