We have covered this before on our socials, but following numerous comments (and overheard conversations) at a New Year’s Day dip we thought we would share our thoughts on both the pros and cons of skins and neoprene, whilst applying the mantra of:

“What you wear isn’t key, it’s about Vitamin Sea”

These numerous conversations revolved around people feeling the need to justify why they were in a wetsuit or that under their fancy dress* they were “skins” – *it was a charity dip!

For us swimming in the sea is the most wonderful activity ever. Remember that swimming in water 15 degrees or below is considered cold water, we are susceptible to after drop or worse still hypothermia if care is not taken. Safety must always be the priority over what we think is the uniform we must adopt to fit in. We regularly swim with people that wear a wetsuit, a mix of gloves or socks or just a swimsuit. It is all down to YOU and what YOU feel most comfortable with:

“It’s about getting in, not what’s on your skin”

“From a personal perspective my open water swimming adventure started in neoprene and back then I couldn’t envisage being without it. The change came about when one March the thought of putting on a wet, cold shorty was actually less appealing than going skins.

Now I love the cold bite on my skin that the sea gives me on a summers day and the biting numbness on a winters day is something I crave however if we have back to back coaching sessions or a longer swim planned then I know I’m reaching for my wetsuit!”  – Terri

So here, and in no particular order, are our own Pros and Cons for both Skins & Neoprene…

Coastal Swim Coaching Open Water Swimming Ilfracombe North Devon
Coastal Swim Coaching Open Water Swimming Ilfracombe North Devon

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Final word – don’t listen to the banter. The ONLY WAY to enjoy open water swimming is YOUR WAY!

“It’s not what you wear, it’s about being there!”