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Our Coastal Swim Coaching personalised swim hats are now available to buy! Fantastic quality and great fit.

We’ve tested them and they are brilliant, clear to see both in and out of the water. We will be using these during our coaching sessions and are also available to purchase here.

These are made to a very high quality using the very best materials.

Dive into a new level of swim fitness with our exclusive Training Plans, now available for download from our website! Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance your strokes or an elite swimmer seeking to elevate your performance, our comprehensive 4-week plans cater to all skill levels.

Each PDF plan is meticulously crafted to provide a structured and progressive approach to swim training. Tailored for beginners, intermediates, advanced, and elite swimmers, these plans are designed to improve stamina, develop technique and boost overall fitness in just four weeks.

Why choose our Swim Training Plans?

  • Expertly designed: Crafted by seasoned swim coaches, our plans ensure a strategic progression in skill development and stamina enhancement.
  • Structured for success: Each plan includes a well-balanced mix of warm-ups, main sets, drills, and cool-downs to optimise your training sessions.
  • Adaptable to your level: Whether you’re just starting or aiming for elite performance, our plans cater to your specific skill level, providing a personalised training experience.
  • Accessible and convenient: Available in downloadable PDF format, you can easily access and print the plans, making them convenient for home or poolside workouts.

Unlock your swim potential and achieve your fitness goals with our Swim Training Plans. Dive into a new era of swimming excellence today! For only £30!